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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Gator Youth Football & Cheer! To sign up as a volunteer coach  see below. For other volunteer positions email [email protected] 

Volunteers continue to be the backbone of our organization and the reason for our continued success.  No matter the position you are volunteering for your help is the key to GYFC’s success. It's because of you and our strong bond to the community that football continues to grow year after year. As a volunteer you are taking on a commitment to improve the lives of the youth in our community. 

We look forward to working with you to make an impact on our youth!

Background Check Requirements: 
All volunteers are required to have a background check as required by the State of New Jersey. Background Checks must be performed in a timely manner to ensure our youth are protected. You must complete this before the start of the season.

Background Screening Process

All Gator Youth Football & Cheer (GYFC) Volunteer Staff is required to have a background check. This is not just a requirement of GYFC but a state and borough law. It is for the protection of our community and the youth that we serve.

The screening is a two-part process including fingerprinting and state background check. The fingerprinting is completed by a fingerprinting company ($21.41)  and the background check is performed by Westville Police Department (free).

1. Schedule an appointment for finger printing 
2. Enter your service code: 2F1J3Y

To schedule you need the following information:  
Category YSB
Statute 15A3A-1
Document type VB1
Contributors case number BG2018

Location: The closest location in Gloucester County is: Woodbury Lakeside Professional Campus, 190 N Evergreen Ave Ste 101, Woodbury, NJ 08096. Hours: E/O Mon, Tue - Fri & E/O Sat 9:00 - 12:00 & 1:00 - 5:15

3. Complete the NJ Universal Fingerprinting Form and bring with you to the appointment

4. Submit your full name, phone number and address to the GYFC Sergeant at Arms, Brain Brodsky. This will be submitted to the Borough of Westville.

NOTE: Gator Youth Football & Cheer will only receive notification if there is an alert but not what the alert is. You may appeal with the Westville Borough Police Dept any finding or concern. You can not volunteer until the Borough clears you.

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Volunteer Descriptions

Volunteer Positions
There are many ways to be involved with your local youth football and cheer team. We are a strong community with many families who like to participate to help create the excitement and experience for the children. Gator Youth Football & Cheer (GYFC) believes in active participation to enhance our football & cheer programs and to ensure every player and parent enjoys the football season. The Gator Team Parent will assist all the Volunteers from each team and make sure they have all the tools needed to have a successful season.

Board Members - As a board member you have the opportunity to direct our program now and into the future. You will help make decisions to grow the program, recruit new athletes and make a lifelong impact on the communities where we live and work. Board members will attend meetings, vote on agenda items, update the bylaws and work on committees. It is a year round position usually requiring 3-5 hours per month. Must complete fingerprint screening and pass a background check as required by the Borough of Westville and State of New Jersey.

Head Coaches -  As the Head Coach you will stay with a division for a minimum of a 3 year term to help build and develop the divisions program, Create a fun, safe, and instructive environment for our youth to get experience with football and/or cheerleading As head coach, your job duties will include the duties of an assistant coach and include the following: Teaching your athletes good fundamental skills. Plan and supervise games, practices and events. Coordinate and oversee any assistant coaches as they work to ensure that athletes fully understand the fundamentals. Must be enthusiastic, impartial, dependable, patient and NOT have a win at all cost attitude. Must complete fingerprint screening and pass a background check as required by the Borough of Westville and State of New Jersey.

Assistant Coach - Youth coach will help support the head coach in developing the assigned divisions program. You are considered a leader and role model for a small number of young athletes; therefore sportsmanship, fair play and full participation are expectations of the program. Able to work with young children and keep things “fun”. Teach athletes proper & safe techniques. Understand and adhere to GYFC’s attendance & playing time policies & follow them consistently with all athletes. Attend all practices, games, as well as meetings & functions as assigned.  Use sound & acceptable coaching practices. Set an example of positive attitude & teamwork.  Resolve any differences of opinion with other coaches/parents away from earshot of athletes. Ability to communicate with other coaches, referees, and parents in a non-confrontational manner. Must complete fingerprint screening and pass a background check as required by the Borough of Westville and State of New Jersey.

Team Parent - This is a season long commitment. You are the primary liaison between the coaching staff, parents and league. It will be your job to pass important information on games, practices, fundraisers and picture day. Some coaches prefer to email you and let you know what needs to be done and other coaches do it themselves. A Team Parent will assign parents for job duties that are required for each team using the team account. Team Parent will coordinate an "End of Season" Party for their team and help with the Annual Banquet.

Photographer/Videographer - This is an important role and 1 person is needed for each team. Every team needs to have photos taken at the games. Its also nice to have video when possible so that our coaches can see what the teams are doing right and where they need improvement. The official team photographer will have access to the sidelines and provide their own equipment. All home and away games need to be filmed. For parents that take pictures at games we always love when you do this in fact the more the merrier. You can post these parent photos and video snippets on our Facebook page and feel free to send to the Website Manager to post on our website. 

Apparel  Coordinator - 
At home games we need 1-2 parents for each team to sale apparel and other logo items. The table is usually setup in front of the team building with the items for sale It works well to have two people for each game, and they can rotate working the table for half of the game. 

Spirit Leader -
 Each team needs a Spirit Leader. This person helps get some parents and fans together to make banners, pins, whatever your creativity allows to show spirit at each game. May also help with the team’s homecoming day game activities, team banquet, fun day and Veteran’s day ceremony.

Game Day Positions
The following positions are rotated at each game. Each child must have a family member volunteer at least three times during the season. The only exception is for children whose parents volunteer as a Coach, Team Parent or Spirit Leader.

Chain Gang & Yard Marker - These are the best 3 seats in the house. For every home game, each team will need 3 volunteers to move the first down chains and the yard marker. It's easy, fun and puts you right on the field for your child's game.

Concession Stands -We will need 2-3 people managing the Concession Stand at all times throughout game to sell food and beverages. HS students can volunteer with adult supervision. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed in the Snack Shack. 

Game Snack – Each game we need a parent volunteer to bring the snack and drink. This snack and drink are given to the kids at the end of each game. The snack may be chips, pretzels, cupcakes, granola bars or another fun snack that the children may like. Depending on team size we usually ask each family to do this at least once a season per team

Game Oranges – We need a volunteer at each game to provide sliced oranges. During half time at each game the players eat oranges Usually its 1 orange per player cut in quarters.  Also need to provide a trash bag for the rinds. Depending on team size we usually ask each family to do this at least once a season per team

Clean up crew – 3-5 volunteers needed from the team whose game is the last home game of the day at the Gator football field, These volunteers need to clean up the bleachers and both sides of the field. Need someone to coordinate a couple of families to do this each game. Great way to get siblings involved!

50/50 Raffle - Sell tickets during the first half of the first game of the season, the Veteran's Day game and/or the Homecoming Game

Field markers – A few people each week to help dress the field with markings. These people are in charge of making sure the field is properly lined and numbered before each game. This is usually done the evening before the game.

Apparel table – At home games we have apparel and other logo items for sale. The table is usually setup in front of the team building with the items for sale It works well to have two people for each game, and they can be at the table for half of the game each.

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